Travel: The spa town of Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden offers much more than the famous Casino. It is located in the west of Baden-Württemberg and with its 55,000 inhabitants.

Historical roots of Baden-Baden became for its thermal waters for the first time in Roman times. Around 80 AD, they settled in the centre of today’s old town, and built the first baths.

According to several rule changes, the first Kurbetrieb emerged in 1507 with the introduction of the first tax. The so-called Palatine war of succession, however, led to the fact that Baden-Baden was sent by French military fire in August 1689.
In 18th Century, during the Congress of Rastatt, the city experienced a renaissance as a spa and it became a destination for the many prominent guests visiting the European summer capital. In addition to the luxury hotels and spa in the period 1810-1811 were built the casino in the years 1821-1824.

The beautiful sights, it is a challenge to make a selection from the wealth of impressive sights of this idyllic spa town in fact.

Worldwide recognition has the Festspielhaus the city acquired. It is with its 2500 seats, the second largest concert hall in Europe and the largest in Germany. In the program, ballet, opera and classical concerts are included. In addition to the evening program, also participate in a morning, about 75 minute long tour.

Baden-Baden has impressive spa buildings. Landmark of the city is the spa together with the Casino Baden-Baden. In addition, the built in Neo-Renaissance style historic thermal baths, Friedrichsbad worth a visit. Below the bath, you can also visit the remains of ancient baths. The ruins of the Roman imperial baths are located between the old steam bath and the Collegiate Church.

A visit to the art water plant paradise promises a wonderful combination of cultural experiences and impressions of nature. The garden extends from the fountain grotto up to Bernhard Road and at its highest point allows a breath-taking view of the Old Town. The spacious stairways, fountains and pools invite you to stay and teach, surrounded by magnificent garden elements, a preview of the idyllic gardens of the spa town.

Unique experiences in Baden-Baden numerous greens

Much of the stately and picturesque ambience of the spa town is certainly due to its numerous parks and green spaces.