Hiking in Bulgaria

If you want to go hiking in Bulgaria, there is a wealth of fun and exciting opportunities to explore and have wonderful time. There are walking, trekking, and hiking tours in Vitosha, Stara Planina, Rhodope Mountains, Pirin, and Rila to enjoy the breeze, sunshine, and nature.

You will have the chance to visit the Seven Rila Lakes, which is one of the most visited and notable group of lakes and undoubtedly an awe-inspiring sight for visitors. If you plan a hike in the Central Balkan National Park to visit the Kozya Stena Reserve, you will have the rare chance to see over 40 endangered plants such as edelweiss and moonwort. When hiking in Bulgaria, the area of Belintash is a must-see. It is found in the Rhodope Mountains and is an iconic attraction where you will find an ancient Thracian cult site. Situated on the ridge of Dobrostan, the plateau’s upper platform features steps, niches, and round holes that represent a stellar map in the view of some archeologists.

There are plenty of opportunities for trekking and hiking in Bulgaria to visit historical sites, nestled villages, and natural wonders. Waterfalls, lakes, and rivers are plentiful enough to support diverse habitats. Bulgaria’s mountains are the home of mammals such as lynx, jackal, fox, deer, and many others. In fact, Bulgaria’s nature parks and reserves are the home of hundreds of species of butterflies, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals, some of which rate and protected. Тhe country has 11 nature parks, over 500 protected areas, some 90 nature reserves, and 3 national parks. This makes Bulgaria a great country for hiking, trekking, walking, rock climbing, and trail running. If you choose to go on a guided tour, experienced guides will help you uncover hidden treasures and awe-inspiring wonders that are within reach and are waiting to be explored.

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Some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States

The United States is not only a country with highly developed economy, but also extremely attractive tourist destination. Some people visit the US because of the impressive architecture in American cities. Others because of the numerous national parks or the world famous Niagara Falls. And third because of the attractive and beautiful beaches, making them ideal for an amazing summer vacation. Certainly the best American beaches you will find in the states of Florida, California and Hawaii. The differences between them are quite large. While in one state there are bright, almost white beaches, then in another sand is bright and saturated, with a dark yellowish-golden color. Here are some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States.

Destin Beach, Florida


This is a a huge beach strip, which is located in the northwestern part of Florida. Has a typical state white beaches with fine sand. The summer tourist season there is very long and lasts from early spring to late autumn. Not far from the beach there are wonderful forests that add to the ambience in a very attractive way. when you are in Destin, do not forget to visit the tourist attractions. It is a great place for fishing and peaceful vacation. And if you need any transportation from the city to another point of interest, or to the airport, do not hesitate to use the Destin taxi service.

Siesta Key Beach, Florida

Siesta Key beach

This is a winner in the ranking of Dr. Beach’s for 2011 The sand on this beach is 99% pure quartz, which remains cool even on hot sunny days. Near the shore the water is shallow, there are lifeguards through the whole year, and it is certified with the “Blue Wave” certificate.

Kaanapali, Maui, Hawaii


The Ka’anapali beach is a home of the first resort in Hawaii. On this beach every now perform a ceremony in which a person jumps from Black Rock to celebrate the heroism of the king of Maui – Kahekili.

Mission Beach, California

Mission Beach is the most beautiful sunset when the ocean turns red and orange hues. Waves, golden sand and huge spaces – this is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Pacific coast. Like Malibu, there’s also a typical Mediterranean atmosphere.

Fort Bragg Beach, California


Fort Bragg Beach or simply “The Glass Beach” is one of the most bizarre shores on Earth. It is located in MacKerricher State Park, near the military base at Fort Bragg, California. The beach is known for the small glass pieces that cover the entire coast. These beautiful glass pieces were formed from waste by water and sand. It is worth visiting as a tourist attraction.

United States is a beautiful tourist destination and there are definitelly many more beaches worth visiting, but we will write about them in the future.

Travel: Cool Bars in Barcelona

Would you like to escape the bad weather and are planning a trip to the sun? City trips to Spain are also popular again this year. Especially Barcelona offers for a relaxing weekend at the beach. In addition to the beach vacation, Gaudi and Barcelona shopping offers namely with its numerous bars and pubs also a colourful evening program. Foreigners, students, tourists, locals: they all enjoy the wild nightlife in the big city on the Mediterranean.

BarriGotic and Las Ramblas

The Gothic Quarter and Ramblas are very centrally located, so they attract a large crowd of tourists. In the evenings, there is here high life and it is hard even to find a place in a bar. I

Street performers will entertain you and you will be away from the tourist traps, for example at Rita Blue in the Plaza SantAgusti also get to know the locals. However, you should be careful of pickpockets. After a nice evening, you can walk on the Ramblas down to the beach and round off the night here.

Best recommendation: The Rita Blue – Restaurant and Cocktail Bar


L’Eixample district, in the north of the city you will also find great clubs and bars, but requires you often cover long distances, as the various pubs not so close together as to the Ramblas. In addition, for gays and lesbians, there are a wide selection of bars.


The Gracia is a neighborhood on the rise. While you would probably have been previously discouraged to look for bars, more and more pubs now open their doors to tourists and are always friendly. Gracia is to reach the centre from very good (with S-and U-Bahn) and you will find numerous cheap budget hotels.

Maremagnum and Port Olimpic

If you prefer to enjoy your glass of wine overlooking the sea, you are right in the bars around the Maremagnum shopping centre and the Olympic Port. Here you can listen to the street musicians on the beach or enjoy the dusk over the ocean with a gentle breeze in the numerous restaurants and pubs.

Bars in Barcelona offer so all variety, what the tourist heart desires. You can look forward to a varied weekend!

Travel: The spa town of Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden offers much more than the famous Casino. It is located in the west of Baden-Württemberg and with its 55,000 inhabitants.

Historical roots of Baden-Baden became for its thermal waters for the first time in Roman times. Around 80 AD, they settled in the centre of today’s old town, and built the first baths.

According to several rule changes, the first Kurbetrieb emerged in 1507 with the introduction of the first tax. The so-called Palatine war of succession, however, led to the fact that Baden-Baden was sent by French military fire in August 1689.
In 18th Century, during the Congress of Rastatt, the city experienced a renaissance as a spa and it became a destination for the many prominent guests visiting the European summer capital. In addition to the luxury hotels and spa in the period 1810-1811 were built the casino in the years 1821-1824.

The beautiful sights, it is a challenge to make a selection from the wealth of impressive sights of this idyllic spa town in fact.

Worldwide recognition has the Festspielhaus the city acquired. It is with its 2500 seats, the second largest concert hall in Europe and the largest in Germany. In the program, ballet, opera and classical concerts are included. In addition to the evening program, also participate in a morning, about 75 minute long tour.

Baden-Baden has impressive spa buildings. Landmark of the city is the spa together with the Casino Baden-Baden. In addition, the built in Neo-Renaissance style historic thermal baths, Friedrichsbad worth a visit. Below the bath, you can also visit the remains of ancient baths. The ruins of the Roman imperial baths are located between the old steam bath and the Collegiate Church.

A visit to the art water plant paradise promises a wonderful combination of cultural experiences and impressions of nature. The garden extends from the fountain grotto up to Bernhard Road and at its highest point allows a breath-taking view of the Old Town. The spacious stairways, fountains and pools invite you to stay and teach, surrounded by magnificent garden elements, a preview of the idyllic gardens of the spa town.

Unique experiences in Baden-Baden numerous greens

Much of the stately and picturesque ambience of the spa town is certainly due to its numerous parks and green spaces.

Travel: Destination Ireland – Attractions on the island of Hook Head and Kilmainham Gaol prison

Attractions on the island of Hook Head

In County Wexford is the Hook Head Peninsula (Irish: RinnDuáin), stands at the head of the eponymous lighthouse. Popular for its great beaches and many small headland is on the eastern shore of the city of Waterford, as a famous tourist destination. Waterford you can reach by ferry from Passage East to the lighthouse, which is open to the public since its automation in 1996. The museum is located in a café and a souvenir shop at the foot of the tower. In the 5th Century built by the Welsh monk Dubhan at this point as a landmark night and the fog penetrating guide for sailors and anglers.

The later there living in the monastery monks operate the beacon as an act of Christian charity over the following 700 years. Until 1172, the Normans at the direction of William Marshall, Earl of Pemproke are used it as a watchtower. Based on the distant origins of Hook Head is the oldest lighthouse in Ireland and the British Isles, and one of the oldest in Europe.

Kilmainham Gaol prison

Kilmainham Gaol is a former prison in the Irish capital Dublin. The name was named after the Kilmainham district in which the building is located. Built as a “new prison” in 1796, it replaced the old prison.

Kilmainham Gaol is known for its numerous Irish rebel leader and nationalist politicians in the fight for Irish independence, the Easter Rising in 1916, were imprisoned and largely eliminated by execution of the life. In cells that had to be mostly divided by five prisoners mixed sex, poor conditions prevailed, had the acts of violence.When Ireland gained independence, the prison was closed in 1924.

According increasing disintegration of the building around 1960, Kilmainham Gaol was restored. Tours of the prison are daily guided tours (about 5 Euros). In an upstairs gallery painting, sculptures and jewellery of prisoners can be considered. Kilmainham Gaol is one of Europe’s largest prisons.

It is a popular setting for films such as “Charlie million from dust” (1969), “Michael Collins” (1996) or “The Escapist – Escape from Hell” (2008) was Kilmainham Gaol the film industry. In addition, the Irish rock band U2 turned on the premises their video “A Celebration”.